Tomorrow’s technology solving today’s problem – Elevate your security, privacy and user experience to a whole new level.

Distributed Everywhere, Found Nowhere!

Seamless authentication solution for Online, Mobile and IoT Platforms.

Our Patented, Dynamic End to End Distributed Authentication Platform is excellence perfected, the best the cyber world can offer.

Hassle Free Security, Rapid Deployment - Don’t worry about expensive infrastructure, we have it covered.

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Pillars of commitment

At Autnhive, adding value and customer satisfaction for our clients is extremely important to us. We achieve this through our Pillars of Commitment


Plug and Play

Rapid deployment, scalable solution.

Minimize Risk, Cost and Time

" A hands-off approach to infrastructure means a huge reduction in cost, time to market and risk of security breachs."

Tailor Fit

End-to-end customizable solutions.

Use Autnhive’s “Authentication as a Platform” to build your own authentication solution. Using our platform means you do not have to worry about credentials, infrastructure security, privacy, system availability and reliability.

Do you need to add authentication to an existing application - Our Plug and Play options allow for rapid deployment.

Have an existing frontend authentication solution – Our platform will let you focus on what’s important to you. Autnhive’s Distributed Platform will take care of all your backend authentication, security, availability and privacy needs.

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Hacking by numbers


Of the Patern can be broken in 5 attempts. University of Lancaster, UK

Of the Pins can be compromised on the ten attempt and a Syracuse University, USA

6-characters passwords can be extracted in as few as 4.5 trials