With 81% of breaches being credentials related, status quo is no longer an option.

The question is, why is there an increasing number of advanced authentication technologies being compromised regularly?

The increasing popularity of mobile/IOT devices has made hacking easy to conduct and harder to defend.

Though the front-end authentication technology has improved over time, the back end has not changed much – This weak link in the authentication process and has been exploited many times. Even advance technologies such as bio-metrics, OTP, etc have fallen prey to malicious players.

Autnhive’s patented Dynamic End to End Distribution uses a hive of hidden, dynamic nodes to co-operatively authenticate, without transmitting, saving, revealing credentials thus eliminating risk points and protecting against simple and sophisticated attacks.

Autnhive’s “Authentication as a Platform” enables developers to rapidly deploy custom tailored authentication solution without worrying about credentials and infrastructure security, availability, reliability and user privacy.


Autnhive is an amazingly innovative company. Their authentication solution solves the problem of relying on a single point of failure by distributing the process over a “hive” of nodes. To attack their system would be like attacking a block chain, you’d have to compromise many machines distributed across the network. The redundancy means that unlike most central authentication systems, an attacker would need to bring down multiple machine in a coordinated manner. I’ve used their system and its both intuitive and fast. I especially like the modular design so that any kind of new authentication, such as fingerprint, iris, facial features, can be incorporated.

– John R Williams Professor of Information Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

The assessment team was ultimately unable to compromise the back-end credential stores or by any other means fake or forge unauthorized authentication to the application. The product is highly resistant to the traditional impacts associated with data breaches and endpoint compromise.

– Nicholas Johnston, Professor with the school of Applied Computing in Sheridan’s Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, Oakville, ON, Canada

Blockgration has outsourced its Cybersecurity needs to Autnhive prior to the company managing in-house. As we grew, we wanted to spend more of our time on our technology and products and Autnhive has allowed us to do that. Autnhive Authentication is easy to use, customizable, effective and efficient, we are deploying its authentication globally through our e-wallet, payment and crypto exchange platforms. Autnhive also provided our company with amazing service anytime we need it, I cant recommend them enough.

-Nayeem, CEO Blockgration, Markham Canada.