Authentication Partnerships

Are you an Authentication Solution Provider with a cool front-end authentication technology? our “Authentication as a Platform” Technology, can enhance your business, please contact us to ask more and we’ll gladly explain.

Autnhive’s “Authentication as a Platform” means you can focus on building stronger front-end authentication technologies without having to worry about the back-end credentials and authentication point security.

Integrating your front end to our platform adds value to your business through:

  1. Security: -

    Increasingly, clients are demanding benefits of a distributed architecture for their security. Integrating your front-end technology with the Autnhive Platform means your technology instantly becomes a distributed architecture.

    End to End Dynamic Distribution technology takes care of your credentials and authentication point security without you ever having to worry about.

  2. Hidden Dynamic Infrastructure: -

    No need to maintain expensive backend infrastructure for your authentication solution, our platform takes care of this. With Security, High Availability, Rapid Data Recovery, etc... all taken care of, there is nothing you need to worry about.

  3. Increase Your Profitability: -

    Our Platform has been designed to eliminate need to maintain expensive Infrastructure, this decreases your cost and increases your profitability.

  4. New Marketing Avenues for your Products:-

    Our market place offers a one stop shopping experience for authentication solutions to our clients. Enhance your marketing capabilities by selling your front-end authentication solutions to our high value clients.

Are you a Designer or a security expert? do you want to design your own puzzle using our platform? and make it available for sale quickly, please contact us for further information. We would love to help you commercialize your authentication puzzle.